Double sided or singled sided flags

 Double sided 3 ply or singled sided 1 ply flags


The 3 ply custom made and stock flags we supply at Custom Flags Australia are basically 2 flags sewn together with a middle fabric in between the 2 outer flags. With this type of flag the image on the flag can be viewed from both sides. The words will also be seen from the left to the right.

The weight of these flags will be more than double compared to a single ply flag. You will need to take this into consideration if you are planning on flying the flag on a flag pole.  The weight of the 3 ply flag makes it more suitable for outdoor windy conditions where the windier it is the better the flag will fly on your flag pole.Below is one of the double sided Eureka flags we stock.

eureka 2 ply

For those wanting to advertise using a car flag the 3 ply flag would be more suitable. The reasons are that it will have more strength to combat constant wind and the text or logo will be more visible.

A Burgee or Pennant flag again may suit a 3 ply flag design. But as we recently found out attention does need to be taken to the artwork.  How the flag is going to be hung is very important. Is the flag going to be hung or flown vertical or horizontally?  Very important so  the wording can be read correctly and the image can be seen correctly.

BURGEE (1568 x 1093)


Single sided 1 ply flag

This type of flag usually has the print on one side with a bleed through on the material on the reverse side. The dye will bleed through on the reverse side giving the reverse side a mirror image of the front side. The bleed through does vary on the flags material.Below is a example of this on a 100 denier polyester flag.

five (1164 x 1147)

A one sided print only can be popular on flags that are going to be hung indoors on a wall or display board. The same applies to string flag bunting where the bunting flags are hung high and the image can be seen clearly enough.  Some good examples of popular uses for this type of bunting flag are birthdays, weddings and other celebrations and in bars or other event facilities. 

A single sided flag is much lighter and therefore it needs less of a breeze for it to fly on the flag pole.

Cost wise the final price may be around double for a 3 ply compared to a 1 ply .The lifetime of a flag flown from a flag pole can depend on the length of time it is left up and how windy the conditions actually are. The choice of material is also important as a 75 denier polyester flag from our budget range which is ideal for waving at a sporting event or concert will not last as long on a flag pole as a woven/spun 500 denier polyester flag. We do recommend extra rows of stitching on the edges to reinforce the strength of the flag,

When ordering a stock or custom made flag you really do need to consider how and where your flag will be used. Here at Custom Flags Australia we can offer you advice and answer questions you may have such as on the different types of material available to use for your flag so that you get the right end product. Free assistance with the artwork to help build your flag is also available.

If you would like to have your own club,business, group flag or personal flag CUSTOM made to your own design to display at games, exhibitions,road side events or for any occasions then you can contact us at Custom Flags Australia  website








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