Design Templates

To help you design the custom flag that you wish to have us create for you, please feel free to download one of our professional flag design templates below. There are files that work with all recent versions of Adobe Photoshop (.psd files) and those that can be opened and edited with many of the better knonw image editing programs (.eps files). You can then return these files to us with your edits, or rendered in the .png, .jpg or .pdf formats for us to produce as a custom flag. Of course, if you prefer to have us to take care of the whole process ourselves, our graphic design services come free.

The diagram below will guide you in the correct use of the free custom flag templates we provide. The two (2) main points to adhere to are:

  • Ensure that all content you wish displayed on your custom flag is placed within the Viewable Area. Although we print to the outer edge of your custom flag, the outer zones identified as the Printable Area will obscure any content within it due to the placement of stitching, attachments and the bleed.
  • When working with the files, make sure that each content item, e.g. text, images, main colours, are placed on their own layers as labelled. This makes it easy to delete, hide and edit individual content items without affecting the others around them.

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Custom Designs Printed