Serbia Flag


Serbia Flag.

Size – 150 x 90 cm ( 1500 x 900 mm )

2 Brass grommets/eyelets.

The flags edges are double stitched.

Material – 100% Polyester

Price includes shipping within Australia

  1. Jack Wertheim -

    I recently purchased a Serbia flag from Custom Flags Australia, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. The flag's vibrant colors and impeccable craftsmanship truly exceeded my expectations. It is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability even in outdoor settings. The attention to detail and prompt customer service from Custom Flags Australia further enhance the overall experience. I highly recommend their Serbia flag to anyone looking for a top-notch representation of Serbian pride.


Serbia Flag.

Size – 150 x 90 cm ( 1500 x 900 mm )

2 Brass grommets/eyelets.

The flags edges are double stitched.

Material – 100% Polyester

Price includes shipping within Australia

Looking to buy Serbia flag? Look no further than Custom Flags Australia! As your ultimate source for premium-quality, authentic national flags, we are proud to feature the Serbia flag among our popular products. Whether you are a Serbian living in Australia wishing to display your national pride, an avid flag collector seeking to expand your collection, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and history encapsulated by the Serbia flag, we have just the right product to meet your needs. Let us be your partner in showcasing the vibrant colours and rich heritage of the Serbian flag.

Feature Description
Size 150 x 90 cm ( 1500 x 900 mm )
Grommets/Eyelets 2 Brass grommets/eyelets
Edges Double stitched
Material 100% Polyester
Shipping Includes shipping within Australia

serbia flag

History of the Serbia Flag

The Serbia flag, as we know it today, has a rich and fascinating history. The modern flag comprises three horizontal stripes – red on top, blue in the middle, and white at the bottom, in representation of the Pan-Slavic ideals. At the centre is the Serbian coat of arms, a historical emblem that symbolises Serbian nationhood.

The flag has undergone various changes throughout Serbia’s tumultuous history, reflecting the country’s political and cultural shifts. Today, it stands as an emblem of the Serbian nation, a symbol of unity, strength, and perseverance that connects Serbians worldwide.

Why Should You Buy a Serbia Flag?

Purchasing a Serbia flag is a significant act. It may represent your Serbian heritage, expressing your cultural identity and pride. Alternatively, you might want to show solidarity with Serbia, learn about its history, or enhance your flag collection.

Having a Serbia flag can also be a conversation starter – it’s an opportunity to discuss its rich history and symbolism, contributing to cultural exchange and understanding. Additionally, it’s a beautiful piece of art that can adorn your home, office, or event, standing out with its striking design and bright colours.

Serbia Flag Buying Guide

At Custom Flags Australia, we offer a variety of Serbia flags to meet your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing:


We offer Serbia flags in multiple sizes, perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a large flag to display on a flagpole outside your house or a smaller one for indoor display, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to measure your space to ensure you choose the right size.


A high-quality flag should feature vibrant, fade-resistant colours that accurately represent the national design. Our Serbia flags are made with such precision, showcasing the distinctive red, blue, and white stripes with the coat of arms perfectly centred.


The material of your flag will determine its longevity and how it flies in the wind. We provide Serbia flags made from durable, weather-resistant materials perfect for outdoor use, and lightweight, premium materials for indoor use.


At Custom Flags Australia, we believe that quality and affordability can go hand in hand. We offer competitive pricing for our Serbia flags, ensuring you receive a product that’s worth every cent.

Why Choose Custom Flags Australia for Your Serbia Flag Needs?

When it comes to purchasing a Serbia flag, quality, authenticity, and customer service matter. At Custom Flags Australia, we provide all of these and more.

Our flags are meticulously crafted to match the exact design and colours of the Serbian flag. They’re made from top-quality, durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting flag that can withstand various weather conditions.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Our team is always available to assist with any queries, ensuring you have a seamless buying experience.


1. How long will the Serbia flag last?

The lifespan of a flag largely depends on how it’s used and the environmental conditions it’s exposed to. Our flags are crafted from durable materials that can withstand varying weather conditions. With proper care and handling, your flag should last for years.

2. Can I wash my Serbia flag?

Yes, you can wash your flag, but it’s essential to do so carefully. Hand wash your flag in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals. Avoid wringing the flag; instead, lay it flat or hang it to dry.

3. Are the colours on your Serbia flag accurate?

Absolutely. At Custom Flags Australia, we ensure that our flags accurately represent the design and colours of the original national flag. The Serbia flag features the traditional colours – red, blue, and white, in vibrant, fade-resistant hues.

4. Do the flags come with poles or fixtures?

Our flags come with grommets that you can use to attach to any standard flagpole. Please note that poles and other fixtures are sold separately.

5. How can I display my Serbia flag indoors?

There are numerous ways to display your flag indoors. You can hang it on a wall, display it in a shadow box, or hang it from a ceiling. The important thing is to make sure it is displayed respectfully and visibly.

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